SEED 2018 Gathering
April 19-20th

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Save the date and plan to join a wide array of leaders for a conference on the seed stage funding and acceleration ecosystem, for a deep dive into what’s working and what’s next; locally, regionally and around the world. Seed stage impact investing and entrepreneurship tends to live in silos across geography as well as issue area — technology, financial inclusion, housing, consumer goods, health, cryptocurrencies, agriculture and food systems. We will break down the industry and geographic boundaries that tend to compartmentalize our selective and collective efforts.

This deep practitioner convening will allow for the exchange of winning strategies, and sharing of near and long-term development plans. Together, we will discuss gaps and opportunities in the sector, and push forward actionable concepts to evolve and augment the ecosystem that supports seed stage ventures. And, because no seed stage convening is complete without the thrill of high quality ventures, there will also be a curated showcase of exceptional entrepreneurs sourced from leading accelerators and investors.

DAY ONE | The Now: What’s Working and What’s Not

DAY TWO | The Next: Taking the Seed Stage Ecosystem Into the Future

This gathering is designed to encourage collaborative exchanges that honor the expertise  and unique perspective that each attendee brings to the convening. Evolving the seed stage ecosystem is not a spectator sport!

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