Spring: Finding Your Best Investor

Spring is using business as a force for good to empower social impact leaders with the know-how, network, and support needed to build a better business. As one of SEED’s Acceleration Partners, they bring a wealth of experience training and supporting entrepreneurs. Check out their advice for entrepreneurs on how to find the right kind of investor.

Seed Stage Impact Investing: Finding Your Best Investor

When you are starting a business, your most burning questions are usually related to money. Specifically, how can you get more of it. Obvious answers include revenue, savings, loans from friends or family, grants, crowdfunding… and of course, selling equity.

Ask any entrepreneur: the hardest part of a business plan is knowing when – and how – to raise capital. And within that question lies another: how do I attract investors from whom to raise capital in the first place? This is even more important for impact entrepreneurs.

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