Food System 6: Blended Capital

Food System 6 runs a 16-week accelerator program for both for-profit and non-profit entrepreneurs transforming how we grow, produce and distribute food.  With a focus on an integrated and holistic view of the evolution of our food system, FS6 works to align appropriate sources of capital for the unique needs of entrepreneurs who are designing a food system optimized for people, planet and communities.
In this blog, the first in a series, they introduce blended capital and how it can be put to work for entrepreneurs.

Part 1: The Basics of Blended Capital

Building a company from idea into a successful and viable entity is among the most difficult challenges anyone can undertake.  For entrepreneurs attempting to bring solutions into the marketplace that will have a positive and demonstrable impact on the health and sustainability of our food system, the challenges are even greater.  The food system is highly complex, heavily regulated, and incredibly interdependent. In addition, the food system is made up of living elements and people who are subject to changing weather patterns, intricate logistics, evolving consumer preferences, and complex supply chains that are often intentionally designed for opacity.

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